Building Through Relationship

Impact Financials

Our Financial Consultants can work with you and your organisations to ensure that the accounting practices you have in place align with legal requirements as well as preparing you for the future.

Impact Media

Our media team is on hand to help you to create the perfect video, website and social media presence to fully promote your business as well as teach you how to develop those resources for yourself.

Impact Compliance

Impact Compliance can help to ensure that your organisation is fully compliant with all GDPR requirements by running a full scan and offering you suggestions on how to improve your operations.

Impact Training

Our consultants are on hand to offer bespoke training packages to you and your charity or organisation on a wide range of areas from bookkeeping and leadership training to marketing and strategy implementation.

Impact Consulting

Impact Consortium can nurture you through the process of reviewing your current business operations and developing strategies for the future. We offer insight into how to ethically expand your business and how to create stronger unity and oneness within the organisation.