Building Through Relationship

Policy Profiles

Having the correct policies in place enables your organisation to be seen as having integrity and shows that you care for those that you work with and for. 

A Safeguarding Policy outlines what the organisation does in order to protect children, young people and Adults at Risk that employees or volunteers may come into contact with. 

A Risk Assessment Policy identifies situations and objects within the workplace that could cause harm to an individual or individuals. These situations can then be dealt with in order to minimise or eliminate the risk. 

A Pay Policy relates to charities and is a record of how the charity is going to pay employees and those working for the charity.

A procedure for people to follow if they have a complaint or a grievance against the organiastion and sets out the process and people to whom the complaint should be made, as well as the steps to follow if there is not an acceptable outcome. 

An Investment Policy is the ways in which the charity trustees have decided that supluss funds can be invested, taking particlular care to the risk that may be invovled in investing the charity funds. 

This policy sets out the way in which volunteers can be selected, how they can be inducted, and who is responsible for managing the volunteers within the day to day work. It should also set out the expenses that can be reclaimed by the volunteers. 

Impact Consulting 

can nurture you through the process of reviewing your current business operations and developing strategies for the future whilst building oneness within the organisation.

Impact Training 

can offer bespoke training packages to you and your charity or organisation on a wide range of areas from bookkeeping and leadership training to marketing and strategy implementation.

Impact ciMedian

is on hand to help you to create the perfect video, website and social media presence to fully promote your business as well as teach you how to develop those resources for yourself.

Impact Financials 

can work with you and your organisations to ensure that the accounting practices you have in place align with legal requirements as well as preparing you for the future.