Building Through Relationship

Impact Media

Our media team is on hand to help you to create the perfect video, website and social media presence to fully promote your business as well as teach you how to develop those resources for yourself.

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn can help your business to develop it’s brand and attract new audiences and potential customers. Advertising through these platforms can also be a great way to generate a revenue. For charities, having a voice on these platforms can help to bring awareness to your cause and generate interest. 

Videos on websites and social media generate a lot more interest than text and can also help with SEO ratings on websites. Videos allow you to show customers exactly how to use a new product or can create an emotional connection with the viewer. 

Are websites still relevant? Many people would argue that in an age where social media is so prevelant websites are no longer needed but think . . . . how many websites have you visited in the last week? Websites allow you to share your story the way you want to without any of the restraints inflicted on social media. You can choose everything, from the colour to the images used and the page layouts. It’s also easier to track how many people are engaging with your website than with a social media post. You can see exactly what pages generate the most traffic and then tailor your pages, blogs and images to match that. 

All of these elements can be used individually to promote your business or charity, but the perfect mix is when they are all used together. Create or share a video through your social media platform that attracts people to your website where they can get in contact with you! Need some help? Get in contact with our team here who can advise you and work with you to create the resources your business or charity needs. 

Impact Financials 

can work with you and your organisations to ensure that the accounting practices you have in place align with legal requirements as well as preparing you for the future.

Impact Consulting 

can nurture you through the process of reviewing your current business operations and developing strategies for the future whilst building oneness within the organisation.

Impact Training

can offer bespoke training packages to you and your charity or organisation on a wide range of areas from bookkeeping and leadership training to marketing and strategy implementation.

Impact Compliance

can help to ensure that your organisation is fully compliant with all GDPR requirements by running a full scan and offering you suggestions on how to improve your operations.