Passion, Excitement, Joy = Business! 


Who We Are 

Impact Consortium offers ethical and values based support and guidance to businesses, individuals and non-profit organisations. We bring together a selection of hand picked consultants who are all experts in their fields.

What We Do 

Our consultants offer advice and insight into how to manoeuvre through the potential chaos of creating a business, managing your finances, training your staff, and maintaining your integrity and that of your organisation. Together with you, as we build relationship, our consultants help to nurture your business and develop it through a series of strategies that allow your organisation to be the best version it can. We work with new businesses and existing businesses to bring about unity within the organisation.


The Way We Work 

At Impact Consortium, we have a set of principles that govern how we work with our clients and within the team. Everything that we do is based on these six principles.


Ethical Business 

The way that we operate is always done from an ethical position and this is something that we are passionate about maintaining.


Built On Relationship 

We value the relationships that we build with our clients and with our consultants. We work hard to develop a relationship with the individual or the organisation and believe that this allows us to be more effective in helping you as we can offer the best solutions to you.


Constant Collaboration 

Impact Consortium is comprised of a team of consultants. We collaborate with each other in order to fully understand what is needed in each situation. Where one of us may see just a small part, together we see the bigger picture.


Trusted Team 

Each consultant has been hand picked within our team and we believe that they are excellent in their field.


Solutions Before Problems 

When working with you or your organisation, we endeavour to find the solutions to your problems either through our consultants or through our team of experts.


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